Our Story


In the rolling hills of Tennessee, I spent my childhood raised in a quaint little town called Greenbrier. The vibrant green pastures and winding country roads were a joy to travel in the bed of my mom’s pickup truck. I spent most of my days around my grandmother who loved to cook southern meals for other folks. Mammie tilled the dirt and harvested the food. Every Sunday after church, we ate lunch around her farm table. Mammie made everything from scratch. Homemade and made with much love and care. It went without saying, cooking for the family was Mammie’s love language, so we didn’t speak much around the rugged farm table. The subtle moans and grunts were all that was needed to know we all felt her love; and those moans and grunts are perhaps every southerner’s love language when gathered together over excellently prepared food.
Inspired by Mammie, I wanted to cook southern meals that made my family moan and grunt at the table. As a young mother and not much experience in cooking, I wanted to grow my kitchen. At a yard sale I found two rusted cast iron skillets for $5. Not knowing how to repair the skillets, I began my research. Today, the satisfaction I get from repairing a cast iron skillet and learning how to cook properly with cast iron is very rewarding. 

From antique cast iron skillets to current production of cast iron cookware, cast iron is sure to be the work-horse of your kitchen providing savory meals and  a meaningful story for a beginner or the well-seasoned (see what I did there) cast iron cook in your home. 
(Photo: This is Mammie. My Inspiration and the original "Iron Lady".)

Meet the Founder

Hey, Ya'll! I'm Maggie Stamper, Founder and Head Cook and Blogger at Old Time Cast Iron Restoration. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy the fun we have here as much as I enjoy sharing with you. 

I started my cast iron journey in 2017 by picking up two cast iron skillets at a yard sale. After learning how to restore and educating myself in proper cast iron care, I started to restore cast iron skillets as a hobby. My hobby exploded into restoring cast iron skillets for others and blogging. 

Raised in the rolling hills of Tennessee, north of Nashville, my family were influential cooks. Inspired by their love of southern homemade meals, cast iron skillet cooking quickly became a passion of mine, that I now enjoy sharing with all of you! 
Maggie Stamper Founder Old Time Cast Iron Restoration


Outside of cast iron restoration, I love to go to estate sales, spend time with my family on the farm and take trips to unique areas around my home state of Tennessee. I like to support my local farmers by buying Pick Tennessee products and products from the local farmers market to use when I'm cooking in my cast iron pans. I also love experimenting with ingredients from all over the United States to use in my recipes.

Favorite Quote

Uh, one time...there was this lake...And it was right outside of town. We used to go fishing and swimming and canoein' in it. And, uh, see, one November, this big flock of ducks came in...and landed on that lake. And then the temperature dropped so fast that the lake just froze right there. And they... er... the ducks... they... flew off, you see, and they took that lake right with them. Now they say that lake is somewhere over in Georgia. Can you imagine that? - Fried Green Tomatoes
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