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Raised in the rolling hills of Tennessee, north of Nashville, my family were influential cooks. Inspired by their love of southern homemade meals, cast iron skillet cooking quickly became a passion of mine, that I now enjoy sharing with all of you! In addition, discover tips and techniques I use to care for my personal collection of cast iron cookware. 

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March 2, 2019
Strawberry Shortcakes

As a child and young adult, I spent my summers picking strawberries on my grandparents' farm. My Mammie (grandmother) spent hours and hours in green pastures picking berries. One spring, she got a bad sunburn on her back from picking berries. I followed in her footsteps years later. I didn't realize my shirt had rolled […]

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February 27, 2019
Women in Cast Iron History

When I meet customers for cast iron pick-up, I often hear stories about how a great grandmother or grandmother who forever set a huge impression in their family with delicious cooked meals. Restoring those pieces warm my heart. Cast ironware history has a deep past influenced by women! Yes, women. Homemakers who were the backbone […]

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February 13, 2019
Sausage Casserole in a Skillet

Cheap and easy meals, that won't take a big chunk out of your budget. Plus, cast iron friendly.

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February 12, 2019
Buzzards on a Biscuit

My kids love biscuits. They would probably live off biscuits and jelly if they were given the chance. One of their favorite biscuits are Cracker Barrel biscuits. As soon as the waitress lays down a huge plate of biscuits, they swarm on them like a bunch of buzzards on a gut truck. Poor waitress never […]

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