September 26, 2019

Cast iron and glass stove tops

Posted By: Maggie Stamper September 26, 2019
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I have cast iron but I can't use it because I have a glass top stove.

Don't let that stop you because you can use your cast iron on a glass top stove. I've had many people tell me the cast iron will get too hot and shatter the glass top stove. Actually, that's not true either. Lodge cast iron uses a glass stovetop on their cooking demonstration video.  Here are some helpful tips in using your cast iron on your glass top stove.

    1. Place your iron GENTLY on the glass stove. Many of the reasons why glass stoves crack is because we're not being gentle. Be careful in how you place you cast iron on your stove. Place gently. Don't slide you cast iron on your glass stove. When using your cast iron, secure the handle with one hand, before you start using your product. This will help keep the pan from scratching your stovetop and bouncing around. A product that I really enjoy.

    2. Use an iron skillet handle cover.  This contraption helps you by providing a better grip, and protects you from burning your hand. The handle cover is very inexpensive, and comes in multiple covers. 

3. After you've finished cooking and your pan is cool enough to handle, clean your cast iron away from your glass stovetop to prevent the cast iron from being dropped on the surface of the stove. This keeps any accidental mistakes from being painful and expensive mistakes.

Just like any other stove, we have to maintain the stove and keep it clean.  Singed food can stain the glass stove.  Maintaining and preventing accidents is the key to having a long-lasting glass top stove.

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