January 15, 2020

How To Fix Sticky Cast Iron

Posted By: Maggie Stamper January 15, 2020
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Sticky. Why is my cast iron sticky?

I receive very many messages on this very topic.

"How do I get the sickness out of my pan?"

I have the exact same problem from time to time when I cook something that had a sticky consistency.

I've had people tell me they've thrown away a cast iron because it was sticky. That's a pretty steep step in my opinion.

I went to a yard sale one day and came across a huge Wagner corn stick pan. I wanted it pretty badly. I picked the pan up and my hand clinged to the pan. The look on my face would have been pretty hysterical if someone had taken a picture. Not only was it sticky, but it was stinky. Not to mention a dead fly was in the center of the gooey pan. I about gagged. Well, I did silently when I saw the price tag. I left. $40 for a sticky and sour pan. Maybe they were charging extra for the fly?

There's a quick and simple fix to sticky cast iron dilemma.



Place your skillet in the oven and heat your oven around the 425-450 degree mark. You will need to leave your cast iron in the oven for two hours. Allow your pan to cool. Once you take your pan out, you will see a dark mark from the sticky area. You shouldn't have to re-season your skillet, but in some cases you may have to.

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