August 11, 2020

Traveling Cast Iron

Posted By: Maggie Stamper August 11, 2020
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On every vacation, I carry a few cast iron skillets with us. I love having the ability to cook for my family in our condo. The ability to cook for my family with easy recipes using my cast iron skillets, is rewarding. Also, it helps us with the cost in having to eat out so often.

I mean, who else takes pictures with their cast iron at the beach? According to what I observed, I'm the only one who carries a cast iron to the beach. Plus, an overly embarrassed teenager, who I tried to convince all the cool moms carry their cast iron to the beach. She didn't buy it. Guess I'm back in the mom jeans category, and tagged under #lame.

My husband caught me in my element "accidentally." Capturing the best shots for my blog. Carry on friends, carry on.

On my of my favorite cast irons to use is my smoothed surface Birmingham Stove and Range skillet. The smooth surface cast iron skillet is easy to clean after a few rounds of seasoning is applied to the surface. Food doesn't stick and slips off the surface with out having to scrape off the food with a spatula.

Quick and easy breakfast recipe. Sausage balls were cooked in a number 8 Birmingham Stove and Range cast iron skillet.

My favorite size skillets to carry is two size 8's and one size 10. I carry an extra one just in case I do something careless while cooking and need a spare to cook in. Mistakes happen.

Make sure the ingredients that you are using are not acidic. This can easily ruin your seasoning on your cast iron skillet while on vacation. The last thing you want to do on your vacation is seasoning your cast iron skillet.

Avoid carrying your expensive collector skillets or heirlooms. Unfortunate events can happen. Carrying rare collectors items that are hard to replace isn't a good idea to carry on vacations. Keeping your prized cast iron possessions in the safety of your own home, not on road trips.

If your condo has a glass stove-top oven, don't let that stop you in carrying your cast iron skillet. You CAN use cast iron skillets on your glass stove-tops. Lodge cast iron manufacturing company, uses a glass stove-top in their videos. This will not harm your cast iron or stove-top in any way. Be gentle in how you lay your cast iron skillet on the stove-top.

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